Auxiliary accessories

Boiler Controller

Starts From Only $300

Technical Desc<x>riptions Industrial grade wide temperature LCD screen LED highlight backlight

Technical Descriptions

Industrial grade wide temperature LCD screen, LED highlight backlight, bright blue background bright white display, technology and fashion. Wide viewing angle and long viewing distance..

Graphical animation of the working environment of burners, pumps and other equipment, image and intuitive. The boiler water level 5 water column height simulation display and Chinese display, temperature, pressure large words display, clear and conspicuous. Chinese information such as fault information and boiler status is intuitive and clear.

Powered by switching power supply, integrated design. The power supply voltage adapts to a wider range and the power supply efficiency is higher.

Use a new generation of high-capacity, high-speed industrial-grade computer microprocessors to equip your boiler with an agile and intelligent brain.

The hardware core of the product - integrated circuit, full import.

It adopts brand pluggable and screw-pressed terminal, which is precise and reliable, easy to install and replace.

Direct connection to the NTC temperature sensor eliminates the need for transmitter conversion, higher temperature measurement resolution, and sensor wiring length does not affect temperature measurement. Free of calibration, the data is never offset.

English display interface, world-wide language, easy to use.

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